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POP UP: An Artistic Treasure Hunt (U.S. Premiere)

Pop-Up performance Treasure Hunt based on local history Who: Steward should have a passion for music and performance or local history. Be willing to work as a liaison to the Green Team and Town Council. What: Pop-UP performance treasure hunt based on Local History When: Outdoors when the weather is conducive Where: All around town Why:  • To entertain local residents  • To educate the community about local history • To build community within a neighborhood • To animate green spaces by providing activities for children and adults How: Apply for a grant to bring in a performance team. Partner with local actors, poets, dancers and musicians
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Natural Playground

Earth Wrights Design - Pt 1 Our Natural Play Philosophy


 Who: Steward should have a passion for Green Projects and Sustainability. Experience with Gardening or community gardens a plus. Be willing to work as a laision to the Green Team and Town Council. What: A community orchard is a collection of fruit trees in a public space (like a park, churchyard, or schoolyard), planted with the goal of providing the community with fresh, locally-grown organic fruit. When: Multi-seasonal Where: Borough owned passive park behind CVS at the intersection of 10th Avenue and Center Street Why:  • To encourage local residents to live more sustainably and to grow their own food • To educate the community about how fruit grows • To bring fresh fruit to low-income communities • To grow food for food banks • To build community within a neighborhood • To animate green spaces by providing activities for children and adults • To create employment training opportunities for young people who want to work in urban agriculture. How: This publication intr


Who: Steward should be willing to coordinate lead artist and community volunteers. Help with acquiring donations of paint from local vendors. Help with advertising and promoting the project. What: Asphalt mural  When: May 2021 Where: Runnemede Rails-to-Trail Bike Path Clements Bridge Road to Smith’s Lane Why: Build on the success of St. Teresa’s playground mural. Community volunteers like to participate in outdoor painting projects that enhance the local landscape. Asphalt murals are good community building activities and don’t require scaffolding How: Advertise the project, soliciting design from artist or artist team. Select lead artist. Clear project with Town Council. Alert Public works. Solicit donations of paints, brushes etc. Plan community meetings for neighborhoods adjoining the bike trail. Solicit sponsorship of local businesses on Black Horse Pike. Pick dates and rain dates.  Potential solutions could look like this:

Painted Trash Cans

Who: Steward should have an interest in organizing and communicating with local artists, and be willing to ask for volunteers and donations of materials. What: Artists paint 55-gallon metal drums for Runnemede Lake Park with nature themes reflecting local flora and fauna.  When: Spring 2021 Where: The trailheads in Runnemede Lake Park Why: Providing trash and recycling cans will encourage users of the park to keep it clean. Featuring the art of local artists will bring attention to the park restoration and provide visual interest. It will show the residents that live near the trailheads that we are intent on beautifying and maintaining the park, so it is more enjoyable for all. How: Buy, find or get 55-gallon primed metal drums. Write and publicize an artist's call.  Offer a stipend. Provide paints or offer to reimburse costs. Provide a space to paint or arrange pick up and delivery of drums. Ask the mayor if he will clear coat the drums at his shop. Write a press release and photo

Street Planters

Who: Steward should have an interest in gardening What: Street planters  When: Year-round, changing with seasons Where: Along the Black Horse Pike Why: They make the town more walkable by creating a safe barrier between traffic and pedestrians. They can even contain edible plants to feed the homeless.  How: Buy, find or get planters donated. Organize a committee to plant and maintain them.  

Outdoor Community Meeting Space

Who: Steward should have excellent communication skills, a construction or engineering background, have traveled and enjoyed outdoor meeting places in other cities, and be willing to work with the Town Council and Zoning Board What: Multifunction Outdoor community gathering space When: Three-season outdoor space Where: The main site to consider would be the landscape around Harry Williams Building. Alternate sites include a vacant lot adjacent to CVS and the parking lot of the Hair Hut Why: A vibrant outdoor gathering space creates a community hub. When visible from a major road these kinds of spaces create a sense of place (Creative Placemaking) They can be used for events like Farmers Markest, Craft Shows, Festivals, Beer Gardens, Outdoor Movie Theatres, Performance Spaces. They can generate revenue by becoming rental spaces for weddings, private parties, and corporate events. How: Model successful spaces in other cities. These are usually the result of a partnership between the prop